With two beautiful wedding venues in East Lothian to choose from you can create your own unique celebration. This isn’t a one night affair but a weekend celebration where friends and family from far and wide can come together in their very own private site, set in one of the most beautiful venues in East Lothian, just 45 minutes from Edinburgh.

Get married on a stunning beach with white sand beneath your feet at our Beach Cabin site and spend your wedding night in our romantic honeymoon cabin which is styled in the ultimate white ‘Arabian Night’ decor of flowing white draped lined walls and white four poster bed, engulfed in billowing white drapery, looking out to sea. What better way to start married life!

Or why not get married at our beautiful woodland site next to our treehouses in view of the Bass Rock and spend your wedding night in our stunning treehouse? Situated 2 meters off the ground with spectacular views, this will be a wedding celebration like no other.

The sites are yours for the weekend and we can cater for different themes and sizes of wedding. What’s more we encourage you to make the celebration uniquely yours by adding your own personal touches. Words do not do the sites justice so please contact us to arrange a wedding visit.