If you are trying to work out how you can cut the costs of your wedding, you’re not alone. The average cost of a wedding in the UK hasreached an all-time high, but that hasn’t stopped people from wanting to take the next step. In fact, there wereover 247,000 weddings in the UKin 2014!

Thankfully it is entirely possible to arrange a wedding for less than this, especially if you take advantage of one of our wedding package deals.A wedding package dealis a great way to reduce overall wedding costs as costs tend to be much lower, but there are also a few other ways that you can save money. Here are three tips to help you arrange a magical wedding on a budget.

Write down your budget

Budgeting may sound like an obvious option, but many people don’t budget properly when it comes to their wedding day. For this reason, you should make sure that you keep a record of every wedding purchase, including small items like boxes of confetti, to stop costs from spiralling. It can also be useful to invest in a low-interest credit cardwith reward points to help cut costs even further.

Look to your friends and family

Does your best friend have a beautiful car that you could use for the wedding? Is your mum a wonderful baker who could make the wedding cake? One of the best ways to reduce costs is to ask your loved ones if they can help out – but make sure to make it clear that it is okay for them to say no if they don’t want to do it!

Become a DIY expert

One of the biggest costs when it comes to weddings is the décor, but you can reduce these costs by doing a little DIY. Check out Pinterest for cool decoration ideas, and then try making your own decorations and place cards; one really popular option isfilling glass jars with fairy lightsto create magical (and affordable) lighting. This is a great way to reduce costs, and it means that your wedding will be truly unique and special!

You can have a wonderful wedding without having to spend tens of thousands of pounds. By taking advantage our wedding deals and setting a budget, you should easily be able to arrange a unique, magical wedding that doesn’t break the bank.